Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Magazine Addict - Marie Claire September 2011

Okay, so I’ve studied Marie Clare and I’m now able to plan my look for Autumn Winter 2011!!!

Four things I already have that I’ll be (fashionably) wearing in AW11:
1) ‘Leather ‘ pencil skirt – that’ll cover two looks ; the ‘pencil skirt look’ (obviously) and the ‘fetish trend’. (“Are you daring enough to flirt with the fetish trend?” Well, maybe not for work.)
2) A thin belt. I must wear it as an accessory, over my sweater, rather than just to keep my trousers up.
3) Blue velvet jacket. Hurray for Marks and Sparks!
4) Bright orange T-shirt. Orange is in!

Two things that I’ve got to get to update my wardrobe for AW11
1) Floppy brim hat. (Some nice ones on asos.com)
2) Something 60s.


Two trends I won’t be partaking in for AW11:
1) The thigh –flashing split. With these thighs? I don’t think so!
2) Eye liner in the eye socket. “Just use an eyeliner to trace along the socket line , following the shape of the eye.....creating crease definition and giving a wide-eyed, innocent look.” I think I’m beyond wide-eyed innocence.

Two trends I think I wouldn’t be seen dead in but may end up eating my words if they stick around long enough. (It’s happened before.):
1) Brogues.
2) Snake print blouse.

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