Friday, 29 May 2015

Anyone for Demis (Roussos) ?

Welcome to my gracious library.
I'm posting this in the hope it might give someone a giggle.  I've always wanted to make clothes, but I'm not talented in this area! I can't believe I've wasted the best part of two days of my well-earned annual leave making the above.

Here's what it was supposed to look like (view B):
BD6935 Shirt & Dress | Easy
My daughter's partner saw the photo and asked if I was wearing a sheet. 

With hindsight.......perhaps I should have made it in a floatier material. 

Also, I think there was a problem with the sizing as the sizes in the packet were in US or European sizes and of course, in the UK we do our own thing regarding clothes sizes.  So I followed their advice and measured my bust and made the corresponding size according to their chart. bust is quite big and it's the only place the top fits! The neckline slips off the shoulders and there's enough room for a 5 year old child at the waist! 

This 'top' will be perfect for the beach...I could totally change out of my swimsuit into my clothes and no-one would spy an inch of flesh! 


Yvonne Garner said...

Too funny! It looks well constructed though!

chrissie said...

The colour is lovely and it would look the same as in the pattern if you had your arms down instead of out. ;0 )

Love Chrissie xx

Neet said...

Hrmm... Marina. You look lovely as what you wear, just nice to see a photo of you, life certainly seems to be good for you. Gosh your little one must be quite grown up now. I do miss the old days when we were all crafting and laughing together.
Hugs, Neet xx

Pia S said...

Oops. If it's of any comfort, this looks like something I could have made too. It kind of says, I'm ready to paint. You look like a real artist though:)