Thursday 20 October 2011

My Perfect...Cushion Cover

Sewing is not my natural talent! But I like patterned fabrics and I enjoy making things, so I keep having a go. It always takes me ages to thread my sewing machine. Measuring is a challenge.

The other night I had managed to jump these hurdles and was ready to start sewing a cushion cover from some fantastic Kokka fabric : 'Little Tug Boats'. It was a present for my friend's birthday and I had left it so late that I had one evening to make it. ( Not very challenging for a proper sew-er, but daunting for me.)

So, I'd measured and cut (twice, as first time it didn't match) and I'd threaded the machine up, and I was alll ready to pin and sew when there was a crashing and wailing from the bathroom.....

One bucket and mop and cleaned up and put back to bed four-year-old later....I get back to the cushion cover and had only sewn three sides when I realised I'd pinned it together wrongly......!!!

Hours and some unpicking later I had a cushion cover. My friend loves it!

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