Monday 10 October 2011

Challenged! - Love Tatoo

I really wanted to do the one-layer card challenge at Less is More (Heart theme) but it took me ages to think of this idea! I just used one stamp (Kanban), coloured the heart, wrote LOVE on the banner, smeared the wings in Distress Stickles and made faux stitching round the edge.

Added Mon eve: Thanks for your kind comments! At Chrissie from Less is More's suggestion, I've put a photo , as well as the scan. I often use scans because I mainly craft at night and find it hard to get photos without my shadow on them! But tonight , when I got in from work, I was able to use the last of the daylight to take this.


Pauline said...

This is so fab and funky, love this winged heart!

Chrissie said...

This is a great composition... I can't help feeling that it would look so much more vital if it could be photographed rather than scanned... it looks more like just a design rather than an actual card. Any chance of photographing it?
I think it would look simply tremendous!
Thanks so much for joining us.
"Less is More"

G Peplow said...

That's a great card, love the winged heart, Gay xxx

Chrissie said...

The difference is really marked Marina...Thanks for doing this... it looks so much richer in the photo!

Mandi said...

Superb card Marina
It does look so much better in a photograph
Chrissie and I aren't fans of scanning
Thank you, great to see you
mandi LIM
ps you can always download Picasa [its FREE] to tweak your levels. It will brighten it

fatmonica said...

I love this card!