Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Happy Shopper : Hart and Bloom

I raided the garden to take this photo!

I saw a little acorn necklace pictured in a magazine and just knew I needed it for my ‘autumn wardrobe’. When I went onto the website , I got waylaid into also ordering a feather pendant.

They arrived quickly ,cutely packaged in little boxes topped with vintage seed label stickers and tied with red ‘string’.

When I opened the boxes, one contained the feather necklace and another contained this little necklace of a bird and postcard. I loved them both – but I still wanted the acorn.

I emailed Hart and Bloom and told them their mistake and guess what? I was sent the acorn and told to keep the necklace sent in error. What great customer service! I’ll be going back to Hart and Bloom .

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