Friday, 2 September 2011

Doing the Docrafts - Forever Friends to the Rescue!

At 8pm, I got a text from my childminder asking if it was okay for her to take my son to the party of another child she minds, the following day. It was time for some of the Docrafts Goody Bag stuff to step up to the mark, to make a quick, emergency card.

I had some Forever Friends embossed cards and toppers, that, though cute, were just too ‘made’ for my taste. It seemed a simple case of ‘stick topper to base card and go’ – not usually what I’d want, but ideal right now.

However, I thought I’d experiment with the embossed card to make the embossing stand out. First I tried dtp inking over the whole thing; then- running Versamark pen on the embossed areas and dusting with Mica pigment; then rubbing  gold ink ove the main image : they all looked WRONG. Too ‘homemade’ to go with the topper. And I only had 2 left of the pack of five!
So I just decided to stick with the easy way and all I added was a die cut and embossed scalloped circle, edged with a touch of gold ink. My quick and easy card had taken ages!


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