Tuesday 15 November 2016

Card Kit Swap - Pia's Christmas Kit

Time to reveal the results of another card kit swap with Pia and Nonni. 

Here's the wonderful kit Pia sent us:

Unfortunately, the kit coincided with a great big crafter's block I suffered from recently. Whenever I found time to craft, my ideas were lacking and I hated most of what I made! During this time I managed to wreck some of my favourite items from the kit - some patterned music paper and a dry embossed panel of trees,  I think I've got my mojo back now though.

Anyway, I will blog each card separately so I can link to some challenges when I get back from work.

I hope you'll go and see how Pia and Nonni used the same kit.


Ros Crawford said...

Wonderful cards!

chrissie said...

Love to see the kit ideas Marina

Chrissie xx

Nonni said...

In the finished cards there's no sign of mojo being on hols! All your cards were great. I think the deer-card might be my favorite, I so love the sentiment and the color palette. Thank you for this super fun swap we've had! I've really enjoyed myself and have got a lot of inspiration both from you and from Pia!

Pia S said...

I think we've all had some moments of lack of mojo lately. I think it's the winter darkness that does it for me. That being said I don't spot the lack of mojo on your cards, it's more what you feel yourself I suppose. You managed to make 4 very different cards, now I'm off to comment on them separately.