Sunday 8 January 2017

So, Did I Conquer Paper Mountain ?


Just over a year ago I posted a photo of my Paper Mountain  and said that my challenge for 2016 was to reduce the pile of patterned paper pads from 33cm (13 in)  to a maximum of  27cm  (10.5 in) . 

I intended to do this by making mini-books etc ( mmmm didn't happen!) and using them in cards - which I did, but I made so many cas and olc's this year....! 

So did I achieve my goal? No! I measured the pile this morning and it measured:

28.5 cm (10.2 in) 

Yes! That's 1.5 cm short of my target! This is my first fail on the craft challenges I have set myself . 

If you'd like to see my annual projects for previous years:
2015 - Empty Box Project here  and here  where I emptied a box of unused stamps.
2014- Festive 48 here and here   where I made a Christmas card every week.) 

So the positive is ...I have barely added to my paper mountain (at least for mini pads) all year ..

I've reduced the pile by 4.5 cm .

And I have more than enough lovely patterned paper to keep me going for many years to come. 


Sarah said...

Paper is so lovely and for a card you don' t use a lot, so I can imagine that you reached not the level. But so you can make many
many cards, I can enjoy.
2014 and 2015 you did it wel. Nice!

Darnell said...

You have made the universal problem of using our stuff lots of fun, Marina! Good for you for reducing the pile! I wouldn't DARE measure my paper!! But I have renewed my resolve to use my NBUS, which does include paper. I think everyone has high hopes for themselves the first of the year ... until new releases come out! :) Hugs, Darnell

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That sounds like a cool plan, I don't even know if I can do that as my paper pad are just everywhere, taking them and make them a pile seems an impossible task, all I can do is to limit myself not to buy "so much", so I did last year, instead of purchasing every month online, I cut down to 6 purchases in 2016, I am going to cut down even more this year, spend the money on getting monthly massages instead, LOL! We should just really set a crafting goal together huh?

chrissie said...

You tried and that is what counts--good ;luck this year

Love Chrissie xx

Ros Crawford said...

Haha! That's why I don't set goals! Still you did well and made lots of amazing creations in 2016!

Nonni said...

I think you anyway did great job using up so much patterned paper! Well done Marina! :)

Pia S said...

I've never measured DPs to see how many sheets make up 1,5 cm but I'm guessing it's quite a few. I think it's a great result. I think my own pile has increased, not decreased, so well done!